Friday, December 9, 2011


We got our I-800 this week. We think we are about nine weeks from travel!! It's going to be time to go before we know it. My lists of things to buy/get/do before we go are growing rapidly. Can't wait to get these two home!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beds and Coats

I often hear women say that their second and subsequent pregnancies go so much faster than their first. They are busy with their other children and don't have as much time to think about the new one who is on the way. In some ways this adoption wait has been the same way. We are busy living our rich and full life. The weeks seem to roll by quickly. But especially as the holiday season has begun, we are struggling to keep focused on the present. It is hard to fully enter the joy of each moment when we constantly feel like two important members of our family are missing. They are so present in our thoughts and hearts. They cannot possibly know how much we long for them to be home. Many days one of us says, "just think, next year, we can do this with Joshua and Isaac."

The closer we get to travel, the more our thoughts are consumed with them. How will they come to us? Together or at different times during the day? Will there be tears, or just big-eyed terror? Will we be able to make them smile? We have heard so many crazy things that kids think and are told in this process of adoption. One child was afraid of her parents and siblings at first because she thought they would peck her with their big noses! Another child later shared that the orphanage workers had told him he'd better be good or his new parents would beat him and send him back to China in shame! We just want them to know that we will love them forever. That they will always be ours. That they belong. They have no idea how they have been covered in prayer by many people. They do not know that their Heavenly Father has had his hand on them every moment of their lives.

We now have two set of bunk beds in the boy's room. I can't wait until I can peek in their and see them all full!  Their little stack of clothes is beginning to grow. We got them each a warm, red coat. We have luggage. Each day brings us one day closer! We think we will travel about mid-February. Meanwhile, the challenge will be the focus on the present and rejoice in the many good things the Lord has given us. All the while trusting that his loving hand is caring for our boys while they wait.