Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home at Last

We are home! Actually, tomorrow marks the one week home point. It seems like we have been in a fog that is just now beginning to lift. Thankfully, Andy has had this whole week off, so we have been holed up at home trying to adjust and catch up on sleep. We wanted to keep things quiet for the boys, so they have only left the house a few times. We went to church Sunday night, they had haircuts on Tuesday, and today we went to the pediatrician.

The boys are doing remarkably well. They are learning bits of English and we are learning bits of Chinese. Joshua is very expressive, so he manages to get his point across quite well. Isaac is happy as long as he is fed, taken to the bathroom and played with. He jabbers away in Chinese and we just smile and nod. Sometimes Joshua helps us understand what he wants if we can't figure it out.

It is fun to make them laugh by doing crazy things. Andy used Goole Translate to look up the phrase, "I am a Chinese language expert." Then he repeated the phrase to Joshua who laughed like crazy. I don't think he has him fooled!

Joshua had a few rough nights with lots of sadness, but the last two nights have been better. Isaac goes to sleep easily, but wakes up a little sad and seems kind of frozen until he gets some food and remembers who we all are. They both  enjoy lots of puzzles, blocks, legos, and Thomas the Tank Engine trains and track.  They have impressive attention spans. It is interesting to me how much Joshua likes toys that are designed for younger kids. He is just as interested in blocks and simple puzzle as the preschoolers. I'm guessing all of these colorful, imaginative play type of toys are new to him, too.

The other four are adjusting, too. I think there has been some grieving for them, too, as they realize that our family dynamic has changed. They have been kind and loving, but there are definitely moments of frustration and longing for simpler days. We keep reminding them that the time will come when we won't be able to imagine our family without these two. Things will get easier as we understand each other better and Joshua and Isaac learn what it means to belong to a family.

We found a pediatrician who specializes in adoption and who is also a Christian. We couldn't be more thrilled about this! We took Isaac today and Joshua will get his turn tomorrow. He will be such a great resource as we navigate all of the different specialists and procedures that they will need in the months ahead.

Pictures will be coming soon! Everyone is asleep at this moment, so I think Andy and I had better join them before someone wakes up! (Although last night everyone slept through the night for the first time since we've been home. What a difference a good rest makes!)

Thanks again so much to everyone who prayed for us on our journey. We have so much still to process as we reflect on our time. Most of all, we know that God was with us. He cared for every detail and continues to provide us with grace and strength for the journey.