Friday, December 30, 2016

It's Been Awhile

An update seems a good place to begin as it has been quite awhile! Things are humming along for the Leong clan here in Colorado. We are thankful for the Lord's faithful care for us through each day.

Big changes have taken place for Kimberly this year as she graduated from high school last spring and began college in the fall. She recently finished her first semester at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. She has made a good group of friends already and is involved with the Navigators. She is working as a student ambassador, so if you'd like a tour of UNC, she's your girl. She is a pre-nursing major and hopes to become a nurse. We are so thankful for her faith in Christ which has remained steadfast through these changes.

Kimberly and two proud brothers after graduation.

Caleb is a sophomore at Thomas McLaren school. He really enjoys his classes and friends. He is participating in Mock Trial for the second year. His school is unique in that each student plays a stringed instrument. He is in his fifth year of playing the violin. A driver's license is in his near future.  I will be relieved as his social life and my willingness to drive him around are often at odds. He is definitely a leader and an organizer. 

Josiah is a freshmen at Thomas McLaren. He doesn't always like being in his older brother's shadow, but each year we see him finding his own way a little more clearly. He also plays the violin and is in Mock Trial. In contrast to Caleb's constant mob of friends, Josiah usually chooses to hang out with one good friend. He has become a young man with a heart for God and others.

They really loved having their picture taken on the first day of school...or maybe not. 

Joshua is in sixth grade at Gobal Village Academy. He is able to be around many Chinese speakers and many adopted children. Both of these things have been very good for him. Reading and writing in English continue to be challenging, but he is making good progress. He enjoys being active and running around. His health is very good and his back is strong.

A few months ago, Joshua and I agreed to do a promo video for the hospital where he had his surgery. If you'd like to watch it, here is a link:

Andy ran a 5K and Josh signed up at the last minute for a kid's one mile run.
They hope to do more races together in the future. 

Moriah is about to turn ten years old. She is my only remaining homeschooled student. She struggles greatly with reading and we are tackling that with support from reading experts. We enjoy our time together and she is my helper and companion in all kinds of activities. She  is in a ballet class that she really enjoys. This year, her homeschool enrichment program is putting on a production of The Lion King. She is enjoying learning the music for that. We are anticipating a major spine fusion surgery for her in the middle of March. Even though it is something we have anticipated for a long time we are looking forward to having it behind us.

these two sisters are precious gifts

Isaac is nine. He attends Global Village Academy with Joshua. He finds school work easy, but he does get a little homesick while he's at school. His favorite kind of a day is spent at home in his pajamas doing Legos.  He is a fantastic reader. He loves Calvin and Hobbes and can quote long sections of it. He has several good friends at school and church. We have never gotten a diagnosis for his muscle weakness. He remains quite weak, but manages his daily life well. 

Isaac and a few of his creations (in his pajamas).

Andy continues to work hard and travel often. He serves as an elder in our church as well. We are so thankful for the leadership he gives our family. He is an amazing example to us of God's love and care. I was so happy to be able to join him on a recent work trip to Hawaii. It was amazing that we were able to make arrangements for all the kids and spend that time together. It was a lot of fun to eat meals together without interruption and visit some of the places that we remembered from when we lived there ten years ago.

This has become quite a "Christmas Letter" so I will end here by wishing anyone who has stuck it out to this point a very joyous New Year. We are so thankful for God's grace which sustains us through each day. May you know his grace in the year ahead. 

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